Welcome to MB6DH gateway

Our frequency is 144.81250 Fusion/C4FM only

We are located on the top of Wyton hill which gives us a huge advantage above other gateways and repeaters in the area as we are roughly 100ft higher ASL than most other stations in and around the Cambs area.

 Our modern antenna design has a low horizon transmit which makes it great for local coverage and blackspots.

 Whilst we only TX 1 watt our location and above factors make us one of the strongest gateways in the area. 

We welcome all license holders to use MB6DH as much as they require but ask consideration if somebody is currently in QSO to either join in or wait to change rooms. Could users also not leave the gateway connected up to a busy room if they have finished chatting and no longer require access. Common courtesy is required. 



Over 1000


20-30 miles


Since 2019



Below is the Equipment we use that enables you to access the Yaesu System Fusion network

Made by Yaesu

The Yaesu WIRES-X HRI-200 (Wide-coverage Internet Repeater Enhancement System) enables Internet to RF communications that expands the range of amateur radio using internet-enabled Voice-over-IP technology. With WIRES-X, an amateur node station connected to the Internet and Interfaced to the WIRES-X HRI-200 unit can communicate using VoIP over long distances reliably with ease.

Unlike any other internet linking technology, Yaesu's HRI-200 is a simple to use plug-and-play internet linking solution. Included with the unit are pre-made cables that allow the end-user to simply plug in to any number of Yaesu radios and go; No soldering, cable building, or Router configuration required!*

Made by Yaesu

Introducing the FTM-100DR VHF/UHF Dual Band Transceiver, an exciting new way to enter into Yaesu's revolutionary world of System Fusion C4FM Digital Communications. 

 The FTM-100DR's single receiver design provides 50 solid Watts of RF power on both the 144 and 430 MHz amateur radio bands, while still being host to a feature-packed suite of both C4FM Digital and FM Analog communications capabilities that fit every amateur radio operators needs. The FTM-100DR operates in three (3) Digital modes and a (1) Analog mode to suit your needs. This feature packed radio is our first Digital Mobile equipped with our new Automatic Mode Select (AMS) function 




Vostro 460
Made by Dell

Dell's Vostro PCs are a traditional and safe bet if you're sourcing business systems. Whether you need five or five hundred, there's a certain reassurance that comes with Dell's established reputation and well-regarded warranties. Dell's latest desktop computer is the Vostro 460. Behind its mild-manner exterior, it packs Intel's blisteringly powerful Sandy Bridge Core i5-2500 quad-core processor. Its performance in our tests was very fast, with an Overall benchmark score of 172. We don't even own software that needs that much power to work effectively.


Telephone: 07852 566352

E-mail: 2e0cub@mb6dh.com

Address: Wyton On The Hill Cambridgeshire

I hereby agree that this data will be stored and processed for the purpose of establishing contact. I am aware that I can revoke my consent at any time. Sorry but i have to put this but your data will NOT be shared.*

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Our interest in radio goes back to the days of CB radio (AM) and freebanding from those roots we find ourselves thrown into the wonderful world of amateur radio and these new digital modes. 

I am Adam callsign 2e0cub and have a background in IT and programming including handling and installation of fiber optics. Below is some more details of the station we run at Mb6dh. Thanks so much for reading!

Radios we run

Whilst mentioned above we use a ftm-100 and a hri-200 for the gateway i also have lots of equipment. This includes a Icom 7100, Ftm-400, several Icom 2 and 70cm radios including 2 DSTAR id-8800's.

We also have SDR recieve equipment.

Antenna's used

We use for HF a 80m balanced full size dipole and a OCFD (windom) for 40-6m

We have a Comet GP-9 (which i think is one of the best 2/70cm antenna's) We also run a 2m/70cm J-pole and a dipole for mb6dh we use a tenna-mast which goes up to about 42 feet. 

IT equipment 

Mb6dh is driven from a I5 Dell Vostro which has been rebuilt by myself including a SSD and a 680ti with a 16gb RAM upgrade.

We use a wired connection due to sometimes issues with ports on the Wires-X system.

Internet details

Where we live here at Wyton we can only get a max of 35mbps d/l and a 6mbps u/l fixed line so we had to improvise. We use a Vodafone 4g hybrid broadband connection and for high upload speeds we use a 4g connection that allows around 35mbps u/l and 75mbps d/l via a Mimo antenna array.

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